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    The Ultimate Guide to Fraternity and Sorority Apparel

    Guide for the Fraternity Rush Shirt

                  Every house needs custom t-shirts.  From recruitment, to tailgates, to formals, a t-shirt is always there to make those memories last and to keep your dudes looking fresh.  Whether you wear it around campus for class, or use them for shacker shirts, keeping those designs new, unique and relevant to the current pop culture are a must.  The letters on a shirt make the shirt a representation of your house, and, in some ways, it presents how the rest of campus views your house.  You do not want to have your boys walking around in poorly designed t-shirts.  When brainstorming design ideas, keep the theme for the shirt up to date.  While some old souls might like to see *NSYNC on the back of a t-shirt, the majority of true fraternal men would not accept that.  Instead, look for election and Olympic themed recruitment shirts to be very popular at any University this fall.  Those are pretty basic ideas, but get creative with it.  Go for a spinoff of a popular fraternal clothing brand such as Southern Proper or Vineyard Vines, with a cool logo on the back keeping it looking clean and professional, something that potential new members will see and be envious of.  Always keep the front simple, classy and professional, this keeps the ladies eyes on what matters and not on your shirt, until you turn around.  In terms of the actual shirt, Comfort Colors brand shirts are among the leaders in the industry, making quality t-shirts that will last and not fade or shrink in the wash.  Adding a pocket to the front of either a short or long sleeve shirt adds some character to the shirt, and, not to be overlooked, an extremely useful tool to carry a lot of different things, like a phone or pack of cigs.  And it keeps them at a very accessible location.  Check out some of our other popular fraternity shirts below. No matter what theme you decide to go with, remember to have fun with it, and do something that you want to represent your house and the image of your house.  And rock it, no matter what it is; no shirt is good without confident studs hyping it up, and wearing it proudly.

    Picking the Right Shirt for Your Sorority 

                  All right ladies, recruitment is coming up quick, and you need to be ready.  You can’t have your members’ repping letters on a shirt that doesn’t look good on them.  The design is less important on sorority shirts than on fraternity shirts.  Girls just have a knack to rock any design.  But the important thing is that the type of shirt wears well.  Get shirts that rock what you got.  You’re hot, and so is your sorority, now is time to let the rest of the world know.  Fitted tank tops, spirit jerseys, and crop tops are all great choices.  Crewneck sweatshirts are also popular for those going to school in northern states, it gets cold sometimes, but it’s still important to represent your sorority in a good light.  Much like fraternities, sororities are judged based on the shirts that other people on campus see them walking around in.  It affects how the public sees your house, and the image that your house is trying to portray can be greatly influenced by the apparel that your girls are wearing.  The key to making sure the shirt will be popular will depend on a few key attributes of it.  The font should be something girly, like most cursive fonts.  The color of the shirt is also important, as it will be the color that the rest of the outfit matches.  If the shirt fits well, then your house will surely appreciate it.  And lastly, for whatever reason, glitter is a popular feature for the font on sorority shirts.  Girls like things that are shiny I guess, if only we could make shirts with diamonds.  Check out other popular sorority shirts below if you need help brainstorming some ideas. 

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