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    Sales Partner

    Sales Partner

    The Ultimate
    Entrepreneurial Experience

    Have you ever wanted to run your own business, but didn’t know where to start?

    Our mission is to empower students to run their own business on campus, with the ultimate goal of supplementing their formal education with real-world business experiences.

    Sales Partners earn an average of

    $750 for
    100 T-shirts

    This is equivalent to $50 per hour on average, with the highest earners profiting over $20,000 per school year.

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    2. 50
    3. 75
    4. 100
    5. 150
    6. 200
    7. 500
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    As a Sales Partner, you will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a start-up by building your own book of business!

    You will be responsible for executing everything from customer contact, research, marketing, pricing, and account support, to closing the deal. While targeting organizations and businesses in your community, you will learn sales strategies and receive advice directly from a mentor who has done it before. The responsibilities will be vast and overwhelming at points, but will also be extremely profitable, educational, and provide unparalleled experiences not found elsewhere.


    Unlimited Earning Potential

    The average Sales Partner profits $250 per order, equivalent to $50/hour, with the highest earners profiting over $20,000 per year

    Create Your Own Schedule

    There is no required time commitment, top performing Sales Partners work 10+ hours per week.

    Expand Your Network

    Sales Partners develop relationships, negotiate and close deals with the top leaders in their community

    Bulk Up Your Resume

    Through hands-on experiences, you will develop real world business skills, including negotiation, sales, marketing and finance

    Dedicated Business Mentor

    Access to an experienced mentor who will provide advice, assist with problems and push you to work your best

    Hear From Our Team

    Upon acceptance into the program, the Sales Partner will embark on a four-week hands-on development program designed to prepare the Sales Partner for all facets of the position.

    The development program will cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to, product research, decorating techniques, sales strategies, social media marketing, e-Commerce implementation, negotiation, customer service, and personal development. The Sales Partner will have the opportunity to learn from a mentor who has done it before, while also collaborating and networking with other Sales Partners.

    Application Timeline

    Applications Close In
    1. Applications Open
    2. Applications Close
    3. Onboarding Starts
    1. January 1, 2023
    2. January 31, 2023
    3. Immediately


    • Year in School: Sophomore in college is preferred
    • Involved with one or more student organizations, preferably a fraternity or sorority
    • Substantial interest in general business, sales and marketing, or starting your own business someday
    • Excellent work ethic, self-driven, competitive in nature and extremely responsible
    • Independent worker, with initiative and the ability to see and fix problems
    • Outgoing personality with the ability to network with anyone
    • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
    • Confident in your ability to succeed

    Our Sales Partner Community

    Companies Sales Partners have gone to work for after graduation

    Application Inquiry
    Please submit this form to be emailed the application to apply!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQs with our CEO and Collegiate Sales Director

    Common questions and insights about the program

    Candidate Informational Session

    Prospective candidates ask our Collegiate Sales Director questions

    Similar to running your own business and being an entrepreneur, your results are directly correlated to your efforts. With that said, the Sales Partner compensation is one hundred percent performance-based. You will be compensated with a percentage of the profits on each order that you close. You will be solely responsible for dictating the sale price to the customer and therefore responsible for the profits that you make on each order. The larger the order and the bigger the profit, the more money you make. Sales Partners who provide extreme value and service to their customers can warrant higher prices and therefore make more money. These Sales Partners can expect to profit $250 per order or $50 per hour on average if they're efficient with their time. Sales Partners who put in the effort and follow our mentorship will be substantially rewarded for their efforts. We have many Sales Partners on campuses across the country who are making substantial profits, with the top performers pulling in over $20,000+ per school year, and we are confident that you can too.

    The earning potential is unheard of for a campus opportunity. We have had Sales Partners profit upwards of $20,000 on a single order and many Sales Partners consistently pull in over $1,000 in profit on every order. The customer network is top tier. As the main point of customer contact, you build a network and hold deep relationship with community leaders, decision makers, athletes and influencers. We have Sales Partners who text daily with influencers with over 10M followers, the top athlete at their school, sorority presidents and local business owners. The real world experience for a student is unparalleled, this is truly the ultimate entrepreneurial experience. You will learn and utilize your marketing and sales skills, negotiate deals for thousands of dollars, handle customer service, and get paid substantially based on the profits you produce.

    Yes! Sales Partners have worked personally with influencers such as Angry Reactions (25M), Creating Wonders (10M), Doggface (7M), Friday Beers (1.5M), Jen Nicole (1.5M), Thoren Bradley (3.5M) and many more! They've also worked directly with the top athletes at their school, helping the athletes monetize their audience per the new NIL rules.

    As a college student, we understand the many applicants may not have sales, design, or work experience. With one of our core values being improvement, we take pride in the training and personal development curriculum that we have created for our Sales Partner team. Once you have been accepted as a Sales Partner, you will immediately embark on a four-week onboarding program with your class of fellow Sales Partners to learn everything you need to know about the business and so much more. All of our lessons are taught live by a mentor who has done it before with a proven success record. Once the formal four-week onboarding is complete, your personal development journey will continue with one on one mentor calls, company-wide strategy meetings, exclusive team group chats, professional guest speakers and so much more. Our mission is to provide our Sales Partners with real world business experiences and teach them things that they would not have otherwise learned in the classroom. And our promise is to do just that!

    You do not need to be experienced with design or have knowledge of the design softwares that are utilized to create custom apparel. We have an extremely talented design team that you will work with to help bring your customer’s vision to life!

    This position is meant to be part-time, allowing you the flexibility to have another job, be enrolled in a full course load, and have a social life. Because the position is 100% commission and performance based, you get out what you put in. We have seen successful Sales Partners put in a few hours of work every day (10-15 hours per week), but of course that will vary depending on your schedule with school or another job. Ultimately, you get to choose when & where you work, there is no required time commitment

    Your number one goal is to grow and maintain a customer base. You will serve as their go-to resource for bringing their custom apparel vision to life. Responsibilities include but are not limited to, recommending garment brands or styles, working with our professional design team, negotiating prices, handling customer service, and closing the deal, all while making sure that we are always exceeding the customer expectations.

    Yes, you will be paired with a mentor who has previously built their own successful custom apparel business, while also having the ability collaborate with a network with other Sales Partners across the country and our internal HQ team.

    No, we do not require you to meet a sales quota. However, because this position is commission based, you will be motivated to make sales so that you can increase your personal profits!

    Our most successful Sales Partners are ambitious, internally motivated, disciplined, take initiative, goal-oriented and enthusiastic. They find the time to work this position into their schedule and make time management a priority. With that said, everyone has the ability to succeed in this position. We are confident and that if you put in the effort and show up day in and day out, we will help you succeed.