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Merch Bundles

Custom Merch,
Bundled Together.


Curate Merch Bundles with an assortment of products to suit any occasion.


Typically intended as a gift for the recipient, such as a remote employee or customer.


Frequently bundled items include hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, beanies, notebooks, Yeti mugs, and more!


Benefits of Merch Bundle


Hands-off online experience for the organizer; leave the heavy lifting to us.


Products are produced, stored, and bundles assembled in UpMerch warehouse.


Ship worldwide directly to an individual recipient or in bulk to a conference.

Use Cases


New Employees: Welcome & impress new team members

Remote Employees: Improve morale & show your team you care


Customer Appreciation: Retain key customers by showing your appreciation

Holiday Gifts: Make employee, customer & vendor gifting easy

Prospecting: Help your sales team land high-value important meetings


Event Attendees: Wow guests & show thanks with high-quality merch


Example Merch Bundles

Here's How the
Process Works
Here's How The
Process Works


Work with our professional design team to develop your brand offering.



Consult your account manager to curate a product offering uniquely catered to your audience.

Product Catalog


Products are manufactured & delivered to storage within 7-10 days of payment.



Once products are delivered & checked into storage, they are ready to be fulfilled.

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Fulfill & Ship

Products are picked, bundles assembled & shipped on-demand within 48 hours.

Customization Options

customization-options-merchbundles-desk customization-options-merchbundles-desk customization-options-merchbundles-desk

Add a custom high-quality stationary note to each order. Starting at $1.00


Improve the unboxing experience by adding crinkle to your Mech Bundle. Starting at $2.99


Boxes can be 360-degree, completely custom branded. Starting at $5.99


Merch Bundle Pricing


Merch Storage

Merch Bundles: estimated $2.50 per bundle

Prices increase based on size


Pack & Ship

Individual Shipping: = $14.99 each

Bulk Shipping: Estimated $1 per lb

Prices increase with weight



Storage, fulfillment & shipping are billed monthly based on actual usage

Monitor real-time transactions, costs & credit balance via online dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Which items are commonly included in a Merch Bundle?

Typically, customers choose to include 4-5 items in their Merch Bundles, and the most popular choices are a water bottle, notebook, backpack, t-shirt, and hat.

Which products can I include in a Merch Bundle?

We can ship any product that fits inside a box. We suggest being creative with your gift, as the recipient will appreciate your generosity.

Who packs and ships the Merch Bundles to the customer?

The UpMerch team will pick, pack, and ship all Merch Bundles directly to the customer.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

To receive quantity price breaks on each product, we suggest purchasing at least 50 Merch Bundles.

When can the customer expect to receive their Merch Bundle after placing an order?

Once the Merch Bundles are in Merch Storage, they will be shipped to the recipient within 1-2 business days. In the USA, they typically arrive within 3-4 business days. However, if the Merch Bundles have yet to be produced, it will take an additional 10-14 business days to produce and prepare the products for shipment.

What are the available options for customization?

We offer various customization options, including 360-degree custom boxes, crinkle, and stationary notes for the recipient. If you have a unique customization idea, feel free to share it with us, and we will do our best to accommodate it.

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