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Merch Storage

Your On-Demand,
Warehouse & Fulfillment.


Store your merch in our warehouse


Ship out as needed, in bulk or individually


View & manage real-time inventory via an online dashboard

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Benefits of Merch Storage


Empower your Office Manager to focus on the important tasks, not shipping merch


Utilize custom-branded polybags & boxes for a complete brand experience


Localize warehousing globally for faster transit times & improve customer experience


Easily scale up or down as needed


Clear out your office merch closet

Here's How the
Process Works
Here's How The
Process Works
Start an Order

Order Inventory

Work with our design team & account manager to curate products for your brand.



Products are manufactured & delivered to storage within 7-10 days of payment.



Once products are delivered & checked into storage, they are ready to be fulfilled.


Pick & Pack

As orders come in, products are picked, packaged & ready to ship.



Products are shipped within 48 hours to anywhere on the globe.

Worldwide Individual Shipping & Storage

Our global production & warehousing network ensures quick & low-cost shipping to the recipient.



  • Products ship out within 24 hours of ordering

  • 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental US

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Ship items individually or grouped together



  • Access to 30+ fulfillment centers across 6 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia

  • Centralize company-wide storage needs by storing non-merch items in our warehouse

Merch Storage Pricing



Individual Items: estimated $.25 per item

Merch Bundles: estimated $2.50 per bundle

Prices increase based on size


Pack & Ship

Individual Shipping: < 1 lb = $7.99, > 1 lb = $14.99

Bulk Shipping: Estimated $1 per lb

Prices increase with weight



Storage, fulfillment & shipping are billed monthly based on actual usage

Monitor real-time transactions, costs & credit balance via online dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Merch Storage cost?

The fee for storing your products depends on their size and quantity. The average cost is $.10 per product per month, but larger products may cost more. If you have Merch Bundles, the fee is $2.50 per bundle per month.

What is the cost of fulfillment and shipping?

We offer a combined fee for both fulfillment and shipping. The shipping cost for individual domestic packages under one pound is $7.99, while packages over one pound are $14.99. For bulk orders of 25 or more units, the estimated shipping cost is $1 per pound. International shipping costs will vary based on destination and will be billed at the actual cost.

How do I track my inventory and historic shipments?

You will receive an invitation to access a dashboard that displays real-time information on orders, inventory, and costs.

Can non-UpMerch products be sent to Merch Storage?

Yes, please get in touch with your Account Executive and provide them with the specifics of the items you wish to store.

Where is Merch Storage located?

Our primary warehouse is in Chicago, and we have partner warehouses in six other countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and Australia.

How do I submit an order to ship products from Merch Storage?

After your products are stored in Merch Storage, you will be given a link to an online store to place orders.

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